SLA Clear Resin Buildings

CRDM are an experienced Architectural model maker, working with a number of
leading archictural practices.Our knowledge and expertise of Additive Manufacturing
(AM) and 3D Printing will offer solutions that speed up the delivery of model making.

We will bring your CAD projects to life by building in a suite of different plastics, from
transparent, semi-opaque to opaque. Using the latest processes– we grow parts in
0.1mm layers – a quicker and low-cost alternative to hand constructed models.
Getting the scale correct for the whole model or models is essential – our processes
give you accuracy and uniformity as standard.

Examples of our experience

  • Scale models
  • Wind flow analysis
  • Profiles of building materials

On our premises, we have a fully equipped workshop that we can add the finishing
touches to your parts, from bonding and assembly to high-end painting.

How we can help you

We help you cut down the time spent on modelling by manufacturing your buildings
from just 3-4 working days – saving weeks compared to traditional routes.

What to do next…

Call us now on 08450 514 900 to discuss your project.


Possibly the UK’s first 3D printed building material

Quickparts UK has contributed to London’s iconic skyline. We were approached by Adrian Priestman, an independent design consultant, who was looking for a novel solution to a pervasive problem. Vector Foiltec proposed the shroud system to Skanska, and installation went ahead earlier this year. ‘Customised structural nodes are covered in a 3D-printed architectural nylon shroud, designed to fit tightly to the … Continue reading


Quickparts UK break new ground in architectural 3D printing

Architectural 3d printing

The next time you’re looking at a building or its architectural intricacies, pay attention, because you might see 3D printing applications all around you. 3D Systems’ Quickparts UK recently helped break new ground in architectural 3D printing with the development of cladding nodes, termed “shrouds,” for a new London office building. The 6 Bevis Marks building, constructed by Skanska, features a … Continue reading


CRDM Helps bring the ARCTIC to LONDON

CRDM reconstruct ice floes with data gathered by Scanlab

London based 3D scanning specialists ScanLAB asked CRDM to help reconstruct ice floes from unique data gathered by their team on a trip with Greenpeace to the Arctic. ScanLAB where up against a tight exhibition deadline and needed large detailed models quickly. Using our large SLA machine capacity we were able to produce a series of master pattern parts for the upper surfaces … Continue reading