Simon’s Guest Post on the Food Science and Technology Journal

3d Printing for Food Manufacture

Simon Hammond, Regional Sales Manager, describes the application and advantages of 3D printing in food manufacturing processes on the Food Science & Technology Journal. Although 3D printing is perceived as a brand new technology, it has in fact been around for over 30 years. There are more than 100 commercial materials available on seven print platforms including plastics and metals. … Continue reading

Revolutionary 3D printed eyewear by pq

pq eyewear by Ron Arad

Look closely… and one of the main differences you will notice about these sunglasses by pq is that the frame is just one single piece of material. Impossible you say? Wrong. No screws, no springs, no fixtures of any description. This revolutionary eyewear is 3D printed, layer by layer on our largest SLS Machines, the ProX 500. Currently, pq Eyewear … Continue reading