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In order to provide a quote we will need CAD files for your project. Please fill in the form below or email direct to with as many of the following details;

Process – e.g. SLS or a strong material
Material – e.g.PA12 or a flexible plastic
Quantity – e.g. 2 off parts
Colour – e.g. Pantone 123 or dark blue
Finish – e.g. Gloss surface or smooth parts
Preferred delivery date
Notes – any other specific request not already covered e.g. live hinges
If you do not have a CAD file we recommend you describe your request via our contact form or request a callback.

Files accepted by CRDM include STL, IGES, STEP, X_T, PRT, Catia, DXF, DWG, ZIP
Click here for extra details on Data Transfer

Important: Please ZIP all individual files together before uploading. If you have difficulties please use Also: Please detail your requirements for each file in the text box underneath.

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We endeavour to respond to all quotation requests on the same day or by the next working day, workload dependent.

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