CRDM Helps bring the ARCTIC to LONDON

CRDM reconstruct ice floes with data gathered by Scanlab

London based 3D scanning specialists ScanLAB asked CRDM to help reconstruct ice floes from unique data gathered by their team on a trip with Greenpeace to the Arctic. ScanLAB where up against a tight exhibition deadline and needed large detailed models quickly.

Using our large SLA machine capacity we were able to produce a series of master pattern parts for the upper surfaces of the ice flows reproducing in exact detail the surface of the ice as it had been scanned, including the footprints of the scientists as they had travelled across the ice to set up the scanning equipment. These were then combined with CNC patterns to produce the complete masters patterns to make the ice moulds.

Check out the BBC News video as the guys from ScanLAB  explain the story of the ice !