CRDM Uses DPD Delivery Service for a Carbon neutral commitment


DPD’s Carbon neutral commitment

As the video and article explain, DPD ensure that the carbon dioxide emissions created by the parcels they deliver are counterbalanced through carbon offsetting at no extra cost for them.
High carbon-intensive logistics industries need to reduce carbon footprint and negative impact on the planet, so every tonne of CO2 a package creates in transportation, DPD offset an equivalent amount of CO2 by purchasing carbon credits. This finances verified, essential renewable energy, forestry and resource conservation projects around the world.
DPD monitor and measure CO2 emissions and constantly strive to reduce them by improving the efficiency of their transport network, by the utilisation of innovative solutions such as Predict or Pickup and with increasing use of alternative fuel vehicles.

DPD’s Smart urban delivery

DPD deliver to more and more people every day and are aware of the impact on urban populations and communities and offer sustainable solutions that work for businesses, consumers and the environment.

Their commitment toward Smart Urban Delivery is to improve these services by giving people better delivery options and utilising the latest software to organise deliveries more efficiently. This will not only lessen time wasted by customers waiting for their parcels but will also help tackle traffic congestion and to reduce local pollution.

What steps do DPD take?

They carefully measure the environmental impact of logistic platforms and their vehicles in urban areas and have developed innovative delivery services, like Predict, in order to increase first-time delivery success and so reduce the number of delivery attempts needed.

Predict allows customers to choose the place and the day they want to be delivered to increase the likelihood that they will be available to receive their parcels. Fewer delivery attempts leads to fewer vans/lorries to the same destination, reduced transport costs, reduced number of truck-kilometres and energy consumption per delivered item and decreased CO2 emissions.

Innovative entrepreneurship

Globalization and the shift toward knowledge as the source of competitiveness is beginning to mean that traditional economic/industrial policies can no longer guarantee high growth and employment, certainly not for all regions and locations. Both innovation and entrepreneurship are considered vital for economic growth and industrial renewal. Their combination (i.e. innovative entrepreneurship) is a phenomenon that has become increasingly important, especially in the last decade.

DPD strongly encourage innovation both inside and outside their business. They value intrapreneurs who support them as the delivery business grows and reshaped by e-shopping and on-demand delivery.

How they do it:

  • Annual internal Quality Awards promote innovation by emphasising remarkable local projects that fulfil their sustainable development objectives
  • Supporting pragmatic entrepreneurs thinking out of the box for solving social challenges
  • Support Beeleev, a select global community of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide

Closer Communities

As a country wide delivery company, DPD have various opportunities to make contacts and form long lasting relationships with a variety of people and businesses. Their aim is to make a positive contribution to the communities that they are the closest to.
DPD’s employees are encouraged to get involved with a wide range of different topics and areas to support the community