CRDM are an experienced prototype medical part manufacturer, working with
designers, engineers, medical specialists and researchers.

We will bring your CAD projects to life by prototyping a variety of medical devices in
plastics and metals. Using the latest processes including Additive Manufacturing
(AM) – we can build parts in 40µ micron layers – often a quicker and low-cost
alternative to one-off machining. Recent advances in growing metal parts allows us
to manufacture designs that are impossible to make using traditional engineering
techniques; complicated tunnels and voids are easily built.

Examples of our experience

  • Class 1 – Precision Instruments
  • Class 2 – Infusion Pumps
  • Class 3 – Hip Joints & Bespoke Implants
  • Surgical jigs
  • Pre Op models for planning
  • Training aids and models
  • Manufacture of highly realistic master patterns for medical model production

We use a variety of materials

  • Cobalt Chrome
  • PA12 Nylon Plastic (USP Class VI)
  • ABS Plastic
  • Silicone

On our premises, we have a fully equipped workshop that we can add the finishing
touches to your parts, from bonding and assembly to high-end painting.

How we can help you

We help you cut down the time spent on product development path by manufacturing
prototypes from just 3-4 working days – saving weeks compared to traditional routes.

CRDM have experience of development of soft tools to help with your clinical trials.

We can help you regardless where you are in your development – from producing a
one-off prototype item to small run, high-end parts.

What to do next…

Call us now on 08450 514 900 to discuss your project.


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