We are an experienced 3D Printing service provider, supporting model and prop makers – working with a number of leading film and TV studios, workshops and agencies.

The advent of special effects and computerised modelling has upped the ante in
making the impossible happen. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM)
compliments this new technology and you can take your prop and model making to
new levels by offering:

  • More accurate and realistic parts
  • Build props from CGI data
  • Fast turnaround – within days – achieving deadlines
  • Ability to have your parts interact with post CGI production
  • Lighter parts – easier to transport and operate
  • Create small models to gain stakeholder buy-in and preliminary market
  • research
  • Scanning of props or references where there is no CAD data – saving time

We will bring your projects to life by building in a suite of different materials including
metals and plastics, from transparent, semi-opaque to opaque. Using the very latest
3D printing processes– we grow parts in 0.1mm layers – a quicker and low-cost
alternative to hand constructed models. Getting the scale correct for the whole model
or models is essential – our processes give you accuracy and uniformity as

CRDM also offers a full workshop facility to finish your parts, joining components,
preparing for painting as well as an on-site purpose built paint shop facility.

Examples of our experience

  • Stand in models
  • Mannequins and puppet components
  • Costume hardware e.g. space suit components, accessories (ray guns!)
  • 3D Printing of props for adverts, films and marketing campaigns

How we can help you

We help you cut down the time spent on modelling by manufacturing your props and
models from just 3-4 working days – saving weeks compared to traditional routes.

What to do next…

Call us now on 08450 514 900 to discuss your project.


Quickparts UK bring rapid prototyping to ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

The latest Tom Cruise blockbuster ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ hit UK screens on 30th May 2014. Using a variety of 3D printing technologies, we were part of the production, supplying over 600 parts! This included the exo-skeleton suits, worn by Cruise and the leading actors, bringing the futurist designs to reality. Quickparts UK were thrilled to be a part of the production, … Continue reading


3D Printing fit for a King – King Henry VIII’s crown 3D printed at Hampton Court Palace

SLA Technician, Ashley Ayvaliklis, holding one of two Henry VIII crowns that we made for the Historic Royal Palaces.

  SLA Technician, Ashley Ayvaliklis, holding one of two Henry VIII crowns that we made for the Historic Royal Palaces. In the infamous Tudor monarch’s reign, it would have been touched by a mere handful of privileged people: the Archbishop of Canterbury, the royal jeweller, and, of course, the King himself.  But this May, for the first time, visitors to … Continue reading


Quickparts UK Involved in 3D Printed Props for the Oscar Nominated Film Gravity

Oscar nominated film Gravity is up for a number of awards including Best Picture and Visual Effects. Whilst it has the feel and look of a Hollywood film, the majority of it was made in the UK. Quickparts UK, the UK printing bureau of 3D Systems, were happy to be involved in making several of the 3D printed props including … Continue reading