About Quickparts UK / EU

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Quickparts Solutions, from 3D Systems, is a manufacturing services company dedicated to providing customers with an online e-commerce system to procure low and high-volume custom manufactured parts.

We have changed the way product development and manufacturing professionals outsource custom manufactured parts with our QuickQuoteSystem, which enables buyers to get INSTANT, CUSTOM-GENERATED quotations for the production of their parts.

The user simply uploads his/her own 3D CAD geometry, and the QuickQuote analysis engine evaluates the part geometry, the required materials, lead time, and quantity.

Quickparts UK addresses the critical needs of custom parts buyers by:

  • Delivering the most competitive quotes in the industry, immediately
  • Creating accurate quotes at any time of the day or night, allowing customers to run quotes for budget planning during any phase of the project
  • Giving customers a project manager, working one-on-one with you to manage the progress of your order, making sure the parts arrive in your hands just as you expect them
  • Ensuring that parts will be right the first time with advanced post-processing technologies and rigorous Quality Control procedures

Quickparts combines over 500 years of custom manufacturing experience into a single source, following the acquisition and integration of leading service providers, including their management, production and customer service teams, into one unparalleled resource for custom parts. With DPT, RPDG, Acu-Cast, Moeller Design, 3Dproparts and Quickparts merged into a single, powerful rapid-response unit, you can now access the Industry Standard in fast, accurate and competitive parts quoting and custom manufacturing.

Watch the Quickparts Video below