3D Printing in Plastic

We offer two ways of 3D printing in Plastic: the oldest technology being SLA (Stereolithography), the curing of a photopolymer resin and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) which melts nylon powder. Both technologies put down material layers of 0.1mm and we can typically turn work around within 3-5 working days, dependent upon workloads.

SLA makes large dimensionally accurate parts since there is no heat involved in the process. We can manufacture parts up to ¾ of a metre without joins. These are easily finished for display models and the cost is based on volume of material used.

SLS is used to make stronger parts from nylon that can be used for applications that required more than a simple form, fit function. Since we calculate price based around height of build, SLS can often be the cheapest way of printing components.

We are happy to advise you the suitability of 3D printing technology based on your requirements, and to be able to offer you a quotation, we will always need 3D CAD rather than 2D drawings.

3D Printed Plastic Part