3D Printing Services provided to the West Midlands

The media and press will have you believe that 3D Printing is a new technology. However, it’s been around for 30 years, invented by 3D System’s Chuck Hull. CRDM have been printing for almost 20 years in Buckinghamshire, but have been shipping throughout the UK and Worldwide. This makes us something of a recognised expert in the field. We cover the whole of the UK, we also provide a fast 24-hour turnaround service in the West Midlands.

3D printing offers an alternative way of prototyping and low volume manufacturing; the key benefits are making parts quicker than traditional methods of manufacturing, thereby shortening the design cycle as well as possibly reducing costs.

Examples of Sectors that use 3D Printing technology:

  • The Automotive & Autosport Sectors
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Projects
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architectural Industry
  • Graphic Designers and Sculptors
  • Inventors and Creative Engineers
  • 3D printing can be used in most industries that require tangible objects/tools

There are four ways that we can carry out 3D printing…

Before we can print parts, we require a 3D CAD. The main format is an STL file and this is the universal language that 3D printers read. STL files are simply sliced into layers and 3D printing will print each slice of the CAD, layer by layer, to make a complete part or component.

CRDM focus on the professional and production aspect of manufacture, running machines that only a few companies in the UK that have the skills and resources to operate.

If you have a specific requirement and you are based in the West Midlands, we would be more than happy to help you!

Request Your Free Quotation!

In order to provide a quote we will need CAD files for your project. Please fill in the form below or email direct to ondemand.uk@3dsystems.com with as many of the following details;

Process – e.g. SLS or a strong material
Material – e.g.PA12 or a flexible plastic
Quantity – e.g. 2 off parts
Colour – e.g. Pantone 123 or dark blue
Finish – e.g. Gloss surface or smooth parts
Preferred delivery date
Notes – any other specific request not already covered e.g. live hinges
If you do not have a CAD file we recommend you describe your request via our contact form or request a callback.

Files accepted by CRDM include STL, IGES, STEP, X_T, PRT, Catia, DXF, DWG, ZIP
Click here for extra details on Data Transfer

Important: Please ZIP all individual files together before uploading. If you have difficulties please use ondemand.uk@3dsystems.com Also: Please detail your requirements for each file in the text box underneath.

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We endeavour to respond to all quotation requests on the same day or by the next working day, workload dependent.

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