3D Printed SLS PartSelective Laser Sintering (SLS) for Nylon Plastic Parts

Selective Laser Sintering Parts are great value for money and ideal for visual aids, jigs & fixtures, fit, function and assembly prototypes as well as direct ALM production parts, all direct from 3D CAD with no tooling.

As a large capacity Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) facility, CRDM has the scale of operation to offer a typical turnaround of a 2 – 3 day delivery service and competitive pricing.

SLS machines have a 3D build volume – parts can be stacked or arranged vertically. This means large numbers of parts can be made in each build, plus they can all be the same or different.

The more parts in a build, the more efficient it is and so the price we can give is better !

Advantages of SLS models…

  • Selective Laser Sintering produces tough functional parts
  • Typically 2 – 3 day turn around
  • Manufacturing SLS Parts since 1997
  • Over 40,000 parts per annum
  • Purpose Built SLS Facility
  • Machine Build Volume of up to 550x550x750mm

Some Selective Laser Sintering considerations …

  • Minimum wall thickness is typically 0.6mm
  • The SLS process is based on a powder so parts do not have a completely smooth surface without further finishing
  • Parts are porous (but can be sealed post build)
  • Best results are obtained when parts are designed along the same guidelines as for injection moulding or casting, i.e. hollow with even sections and wall thicknesses
  • Tolerances depend on geometry but typically ±0.2mm up to 100mm, ±0.2% over 100mm

See Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Tolerance Standards ↗
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Duraform PA
The PA12 material used in the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) system offers the most durable prototype parts from any RP system. PA12 is heat resistant up to 150ºC and is the obvious choice for functional prototypes.

PA12-GF (Glass Filled)
PA12GF offers a stiffer and slightly higher heat deflection temperature, when a more rigid structure is required.

Available Selective Laser Sintering finishes
Full Painting and Graphics Service – References to Pantone, NCS, Ral, and VDI or Moldtech specified by you.
SLS parts can also be vacuum metalised for a chrome like finish.

For a guide to finishing and examples, visit our Finishing Guide page.

Brass Inserts for SLS Nylon…

If you want to put screws or bolts into your nylon parts, we recommend using brass inserts. Please take a moment to look through this handy Brass Insert Design Guide

How SLS – Selective Laser Sintering works