Top British Footwear Designer VICTORIA SPRUCE Thanks CRDM

Victoria Spruce thanks CRDM for help with 3d Printing

Victoria Spruce is a British designer whose footwear creations are constantly inspired by architecture and sculpture.

Having graduated from both Royal College of Art and London College of Fashion, Victoria believes in the importance of line and silhouette with the design process often involving elements of a large structure scaled down to the size of a shoe creating a striking visual shape. The collection was originally inspired by organic ceramic sculptures with continuous and never-ending lines. The idea arose to extend the material of the heel up to become part of the upper and create solid sections and straps that hold the foot. The making process used a combination of traditional shoemaking and 3D printing technology. The plastic parts are printed and the leather parts are hand-made, a juxtaposition between new and old, hard and soft, glossy and matte.

“Special Thanks to CRDM for all their help with the 3D printing

See Victoria’s shoes on her website.